Shambhala Love embodies the practices and philosophies of universal wellness, raw beauty and elevated consciousness. These pillars are the foundation at the heart of our identity, creating – and taking – conscious brands to the next level.  By blending strategic vision and value alignment, we bring palpable clarity, soulful concepts and actionable business ideas to fruition. 

Our focus is dedicated on spirited brands with a passion for products, services and experiences in the fast-growing luxury spiritual wellness industry. From small concepts to established entities, we specialize in scaling and structuring various-size footprints to one with a larger global approach, using our team’s dedicated resources and shared experiences to make it happen.  

We believe in the alchemic effect of partnering with conscious brands on a shared mission towards individual and collective evolution. Identifying these strategic alliances and emerging influencers comes natural to us, this is the world in which we live and breathe, and differentiates us from other wellness brands.