Launched in 2014 by Raquel Mocholi, Shambhala Love began as a business by women for women. Shambhala Love means a place of inner peace: the symbiosis of divine synchronicity in all realms —spiritually, physically, relationally and vocationally. Empowering women to believe in themselves and find their inner truth, we provide the tools and wisdom in a meaningful and actionable way that supports and fosters embankment on an enlightened path. 


Shambhala Love was birthed through Raquel’s personal journey, and a natural inclination for identifying emerging concepts, key brands and influencers. coupled with her professional training as an engineer, designer, and entrepreneur. With many experiences creating strategic alliances for wellness, beauty and lifestyle brands, Raquel has developed her own holistic programs, capsule collections, and activations for private clients and like-minded companies in Europe and in the United States. 


Raquel is known for her intuition, clarity and intellect, helping her clients redefine success, visualize their dreams, and ultimately create a life that not only feels good, but is an authentic extension of personal truth.