This session cost-free for you is a 20 minutes talk, where  I  get to know your concerns and what you want to improve in your life at the time. I get to understand more about your lifestyle and routines. From there you decide if you want to start working together in one of the programs that resonates with you.

This session can be done in person or by skype.


Privately or in group I offer three programs to fall in love again with yourself. In these sessions, we set a new language between your body and mind, unpacking what is held on the mind and getting rid of everything that does not serve us. We release emotions in the body, allowing us to feel again, that’s when the body is ready for change.

The programs we have developed for the coaching sessions are:

The Eat for Beauty Experience

A comprehensive introduction to my philosophy “Eating for Beauty”. Our face and our body are a direct reflection of how we feel inside, how we talk to ourselves, our fears and limitations. In this 3 hour session we dive into the pure concept of Beauty Food, both, the emotional and nutritional foods that open the doors to your real self, whole, without outer expectations, just self love.

Use this experience to give you the time to explore what most appeals to you. The intention is to provide you the information and inspiration so you can let your intuition guide you in your own process of change and transformation. This program is a three-dimensional experience, as we are not only the body, not only mind nor only the spirit , but a combination of the three.

It Includes: A working guide with my Beauty Food concepts, including an  ingredients and shopping list, wellness practices and a week of recipes.

These programs are offered:
Coaching 1-1: 3 hours in one day.
Price: $200


Group Coaching: Minimum 4 persons, 3 hours in one day.
Price: $170 p.p


The Moon Detox Program
Our “The Moon Detox” program uses the powerful influence of the moon to help your body to cleanse in a smooth and sustainable way. These days the body is able to release fluid retention, promote weight loss and balance the body. Women after their 30´s  should not fast for long periods due to the imbalance it causes in your metabolism. Our program is available monthly in Miami, on the days of the New Moon and Full Moon. It includes:

· Home delivery: 3 cold pressed organic juices (1 green, 1 roots, 1 anti-inflammatory), 1 detoxifying salad and a nourishing cream.
· The guidebook of our program to inspire you with morning and evening rituals, including Ayurvedic practices, recommended foods and spices.
· Email support during the duration of the program.
Price: $100


The Face of Love · A three month program for inner radiance.
Joining this program is a commitment to yourself, where through our 1 hour, 2 monthly sessions we will address not only changes in diet, lifestyle and spirituality, but will free the body of all those layers that block you and do not let you lose weight, allowing you to move towards your purest essence. This program is the key to self-knowledge and these changes are reflected not only in the body but also on the mind. The Face of Love is that innate and pure joy we feel, when we connect again with who we really are, our purpose and our soul. That glow is shining, and nothing from the outside world can turn it off.
Price: $150 per session (Please email for more information)


The Radiance Session·

The Radiance Session is a 2 hour holistic session designed by Shambhala Love for those women who desire an awakening evaluation, an empowering guide to deep healing in the areas related to nourishment and nutrition, imbalances, self love, inner & outer beauty, and the joy to live life in grace in a one time experience.

How is The Radiance Session like and what is included?

We will start with the Feed your Soul Form where we will be able to detect and connect what areas of your SELF are in need of more attention.
We’ll go over your nutrition and lifestyle rituals. We’ll talk about the desires of your soul and the power of your purpose.

Through deep coaching conversations and a customized action plan, you’ll be given not only the support and accountability but also a blend of our custom Beauty Potion to awaken your grace and a day to day guide to follow your deepest dreams and live a fulfilling, healthy and beautiful life.
Price: $250 per session (Please email for more information)


The Wisdom Session·

Under a holistic approach, influenced by Functional Medicine, I’ve partnered with multiple certified Orthomolecular Nutritionist and Herbalist Salvador Talon in a program designed to heal the biochemical deficiencies, nutritional balance, establishing the equilibrium of the nervous system , energy and brain function. The Wisdom Session supports the emotional and behavioral patterns we create in the mind and how these influence our health and mood, limiting our ability to feel great and experience inner peace and ultimate happiness.
Price: Please email for more information



“ Taking the time to cook your own food and enjoying the proccess of nourishing yourself can change your life forever”

Once a month we meet as a group to cook together.

The kitchen is an excuse to actively heal, meditate and  share.

The 3-hour sessions are scheduled monthly and will be announced at the event menu. See special dates for Spain.

Some of the sessions we do include topics such as:  Beauty Breakfast and healthy snacks, Elevated nut milks, Superfood snacking, Eating For Beauty, Beauty Shakes and smoothies …

Price: 70$/class

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The Beauty Food Pantry

One of the most enjoyable services is to re-design your pantry !

I literally enter in your pantry and review with you all the products you use and  we will decide if you may keep them or substitute them. We help you replace inflammatory ingredients with healthier options. This program includes a 90 minute custom session, a shopping list, where to buy and advice on the main food groups and portions consumed.

Price: 200$




We are up to the latest trends in wellness, beauty and nourishing radiant foods. We partner with businesses (restaurants, cafes, spas, wellness centers or investors) to guide you to what treatments, products, healing classes and foods are the present and future trend, so you can incorporate them to your offerings.

For Food Based businesses we incorporate to your menu our customed Beauty Food options, so you can extend the range of your products to serve heathy-driven customers, celiacs, gluten intolerant, vegetarians, vegans …

Send email to to see how we can serve you.