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Terms and Conditions

Shambhala Love is used as a tool to help your general health and well being. Our programs do not guarantee weight loss and cannot be relied upon to improve your health. No product or service from Shambhala Love is meant to treat or cure any medical condition. Please contact your doctor if you are in any doubt about your current state of health.
All of our food is gluten , dairy , eggs and refined sugar free.  We use fresh fruit juice wherever possible in our recipes as an alternative to sugar.  However, we do use honey as a sweetener in small quantities in some recipes. Be aware that most of our food may contains nuts.
Shambhala Love has the sole right to change any planned programmes at our discretion.  The meals are designed to use fresh seasonal ingredients and occasionally these might not be available as planned. We do reserve all rights to make changes at any point.
Cancellations for our Programs except for those specially made under demand ( desserts and sweet treats*) are only accepted with a 100% refund 7 days in advance of the commencing program. If cancellations is made up to 4 days prior to the start of your program, Shambhala Love will refund 50% of the program cost. Within 4 days of your program start date, no refunds will be attended;
You can also put your order on hold to start at a later date. This service will cost an additional 20 $. Once any program has started no refunds are available.Once you have started any program there are no available refunds.
If you require to suspend your program this can only be admitted if the replacement dates are convenient to Shambhala Love. Each case will be individually assesed and it is at the discretion of Shambhala Love to allow a suspensión.
Refunds will not be issued for delays or circumstances that are due to external factors out of our own control. Since weather and traffic are external factors out of our reach, we are not able to offer cash refund if for any of this circumstances your order arrives late or needs to be rescheduled.
* Our Dessert and Sweets programs do not support refund. A date change is accepted within 4 days prior to shipping date, subsequent to this date changes or cancellations will not be accepted.
By using our site you agree to our terms and conditions.


Shambhala Love or their delivery team cannot be deemed responsible for any theft of a any product package. In case you suspect that your package has been lost or stolen please contact the Shambhala Love ( as soon as you notice it. Each case will be treated individually and it is the management team who will decide on the suitability of a refund or replacement of the package.
Depending on the selected program, we do have different delivery schedules. Usually on delivery dates it is made between 6 and 8 am, but please check with us if any questions arise. Weekends are always off.
Your program orders should be made as late as one week prior to the starting date. Feel free to email us ( with any question regarding this issue. At this time we are only serving the area of Key Biscayne (zip code 33149) in Miami, and some other convenient spots in the city. Feel free to email us ( to check if we do serve next to your location. Please note that a delivery charge of 5$ will be added for each Shambhala Love delivery made in the area of Key Biscayne. Different rates apply for other city locations.


Shambhala Love does not share customer details with any 3rd parties. We will not pass on any information to other parties or bodies.Your details will be kept on record and added to our mailing list. When signing up to Shambhala Love you will need to give us the personal identifiable information: Name, Address and telephone number.
By visiting Shambhala Love website you are consenting to joining our data base. You can stop this at any point by informing us via e-mail that you no longer wish to be contacted with Shambhala Love news and offers.