Our Mantra

Feed your soul

SHAMBHALA LOVE is a lifestyle destination, behind what we merely eat. Every time I have the chance to remind women that we are not only the food we eat, but also our feelings and thoughts, meaning that these influence in great proportion the shape and constitution of our bodies. I love spreading the concept of Beauty Food and creating beautiful long lasting experiences with ourselves. This is what I call Love. Love is an intimate experience with the self, without self-love there is no other type of outside love.

Through my practice I often see many women having trouble accepting themselves as they are on this exact moment or seeing the link between disease (emotions manifested on the body) and the lack of health. Through our coaching sessions I guide women to self-love and inner grace.

Grace as the equilibrium we create to maintain a life rhythm that supports you and your dreams. This does not mean that life is always perfect, (I usually say life is perfectly imperfect!) it means we have the capacity to fall out of grace and rise again, over and over, no matter how many times you touch the bottom, you have the power to shine brighter than ever.

My mission with SHAMBHALA LOVE is to inspire, guide and help women find the essence of their Soul, Body and Beauty through modern SPIRITUALITY and our approach to BEAUTY FOOD. I want women to never diet again; instead I want women to embrace Wellness as a lifestyle, in a sustainable and loving way.

SPIRITUALITY as the language of your soul, pure and accessible through meditation, breathing techniques. We guide you to create a white canvas within you, where the questions that the mind cannot provide, can finally be met. We want you to meet yourself.

BEAUTY FOOD is my personal approach influenced by different disciplines such as macrobiotic nutrition, based plant cuisine, raw food and medicinal inclusions of Ayurveda in the kitchen.
 Beauty Food is the foods, superfoods and the Love we take daily, free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugars that give us energy, brain clarity, nourishing at a cellular level, making us feel fulfilled and free.

I usually coach different programs, which are designed in order to meet individual needs, but you can always expect some essential patterns during our time together. During our 60 minute session, we go over food habits, lifestyle routines, self-care, potions and Beauty Elixirs. We talk about Beauty Food, chakras, sexuality, inner beauty and radiance. We may guide you to Kundalini, as one of the most powerful healing practices, or through one of our alchemy partners, we may design for you a custom blend “Body Love” essential oil. Our sessions are experiences that will change the way you see yourself.

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Raquel Mocholi

After your 30´s, life begins to have a different meaning, perhaps because you have lived so many things that you think you know who you are. Many people at some point in our lives, have a moment of personal breakdown that is the door to our true selves. My moment came in 2013, when I thought I could handle it all, several businesses at once, not in vain my beginnings already pointed to many interests and curiosities to meet. I tried almost everything, Engineer in Industrial Design and a career that has it included among others, the fashion industry, studying at Parsons School of Design NYC and working in companies like Donna Karan and Moschino USA.

Activist in everything related to sustainability and ecology.  I was part of Mocholi Group dedicated to the development of Sustainable Construction and Green Development. In 2011 I joined the Board of Directors of Valencia Montessori School, British School, leader in Spain for its holistic approach to education and within it, I led the implementation of the nutrition program and in which I am still involved. Since 2009 I conducted workshops and training programs in

Since 2009 I conducted workshops and training programs in macrobiotic diet, energetic nutrition as well as trips for inspiration in Europe and Asia beginning to learn about the connection of the body and the soul. During this time I had two beautiful, healthy children who teach me every day and challenge me in equal measure. After this stage of apparent growth in the values of modern society, my body, and my soul did crack, forcing me to search my sense of what was happening to me. After much internal work, my person in all its being understood that the purpose of such search was none other than return to LOVE, to myself. Seeking and knowing what I was thirsty for, what was my soul seeking and I was not been able to give?  Reflection of these questions and that search is SHAMBHALA LOVE, a project to inspire, guide and help women who decide to  FEED their SOUL, listen to your purpose in life and definitely reject fear.

Reflection of these questions and that search is SHAMBHALA LOVE, a project to inspire, guide and help women who decide to  FEED their SOUL, listen to your purpose in life and definitely reject fear.
I am certified as Health Coach by the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in  NYC and belong to the prestigious online Expert Directory Charlotte´s Book. I live between the US and Spain where I offer my services and programs.


Noemi Suarez

I joined Shambhala Love as a magical response of a personal process of clarity and crises that happened in my life and led me to embark on a path of reunion with myself and exploration of a purpose that could end my constant dissatisfaction and hunger to search.

After graduating in Business Administration and Management, I moved to London to enroll in a Master in International Trade. I worked on the creation of a department dedicated to planning, business developer and project management in the market of multilateral and bilateral procurement as suppliers in different UN agencies and development banks dedicated to the industrialized construction and organization of events.

Subsequently, in a complementary way, I led the restructuring of the Department of Marketing and Human Resources, as well as the strategic international planning expansion into South America and Central America and consolidation in markets in Europe and Africa. It was a period in which I reaped great achievements and changes. I continued my education in finance and international trade, got married and had a beautiful daughter who came into the world decided to awaken my soul and make me follow my instincts.

As a result of this awakening that motherhood brought me, I left a well considered, stable job to undertake the opening as a franchisee partner of a young and innovative brand belonging to a renowned jewelry firm in one of the most strategically important capitals to the company in Spain. It was an experience that again brought business success and experience but for various reasons, I finally ended up this stage in my life, making me rethink again where to stop next.

At that point, the work that Raquel does through Shambhala Love, crossed my path, while I was attempting to participate in initiatives that felt they could approach to find that purpose.

Her work led and inspired me in a process back to self-love and my essence through a modern spirituality, understanding the importance to take care of feeding my body and my soul, which had been whispering me for some time.

I am part of the mission and purpose of Shambhala Love, being the Director of Operations and Events for Europe and I feel very fortunate to participate in the transmission of the way back to love as a lifestyle that serves as a vortex and support of all those things that we want to be manifested in our lives.